An is a formalised process of exchanging goods.  This type of sale could also be used by creditors to liquidate their debtors and recover any monies owing to them.

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New Members

  • Pinter Gallery and Auction House Budapest
    Pinter Gallery and Auction House

    Pinter Gallery and Auction House in Budapest, Hungary, housed in a historic building that was built in 1907, was established in 1990, and over the years has extended its business to become one of the biggest antique shops downtown. An ornate wrought iron gate and an impressive staircase welcomes shoppers to our antique store that spreads over three floor levels, and has 32 rooms in which to exhibit antique and modern furniture, pictures and sculptures. Antique shops are popular venues to be used in movies, and Pinter Gallery and Auction House has had the priviledge of being used in several famous movies. Antique shops are also interesting venues for events, and again our antique shop has hosted many cultural events, classical and jazz concerts and much more. For antiques of high standard, visit Pinter Gallery and Auction House.

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  • Bolsa de Arte Ipanema
    Bolsa de Arte

    Bolsa de Arte is an auction house and art gallery of modern and contemporary art based in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The exquisite collections in editions of catalogues make the art at Bolsa de Arte collectibles. The accomplished team at Bolsa de Arte offer private equity and reviews, catalog works, do research and restoration, art edits and publish the work of local artists nationally and internationally. Bolsa de Arte are pioneers in Auction Design as well as specific categories of Auction photos, and selections of Photography, Contemporary Art and Street Art, they are innovative leaders in the Brazilian art market, come view the exquisite selections on offer.

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  • The Glenelg Warehouse Portland
    The Glenelg Warehouse

    At The Glenelg Warehouse, Portland, Victoria, Australia Regions, Australia, occasionally we conduct clearing sales both here at The Glenelg Warehouse & on-site at the vendors address. Dates & Times are advertised in selected newspapers, in store & online.

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  • Mikkelson Auction
    Mikkelson Auction

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